Monday 14 December 2020

New novel

A quick update to let you know that my next novel – number six, believe it or not – is coming in 2021.

It’s currently slated for release in the UK on 30 September.

And even though a final title hasn’t yet been decided, the good news is that you can already pre-order it HERE.

So what’s it about?

Young bride-to-be Rose meets manipulative stranger Cassie in what she’s tricked to believe is a chance encounter.

Thrust together in close quarters, just days before the marriage, Rose unknowingly gets sucked into Cassie’s mysterious plot as the pair exchange life stories.

Who is this inscrutable older woman?

How much of what she says can be trusted?

What exactly does Cassie want from Rose – and why now, so close to her wedding day?

That’s pretty much all I can tell you at this point. Hopefully it’s enough of a flavour to whet your appetite.

If you enjoyed any of my earlier novels, particularly 2019’s My Sister’s Lies, I think this one will be right up your alley.

The working title, which I chose when I first came up with the concept, is My Father’s Daughter.

Don’t get too attached to that, though, as it will almost certainly change before the book is released.

I’ve recently finished structural edits on the manuscript, in conjunction with my editor at Avon, and I’ll be on to line/copy edits in due course.

Hopefully we’ll have a final title and cover design to show you before too long.

Watch this space for further updates as publication day approaches.

Sunday 28 June 2020

Brilliant blog tour

The How to Save a Life blog tour reached its conclusion a couple of days ago and, I must admit, I really enjoyed it.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank-you to everyone who took part. It was lovely to read so many enthusiastic and expertly crafted reviews.

Here’s a selection of some of my favourite comments:

‘How To Save a Life is a compelling, enthralling tale of second chances and redemption. I loved this novel. It’s one of the best ones I’ve read this year.’ Novel Kicks

‘I enjoyed every page of this uplifting and beautifully written book. The characters have such depth and I think this is a book that will stay with me for a long time.’ SibzzReads

‘A wonderfully delicate read that sometimes made me smile, sometimes made me want to hug it but most of all, it made me consider positivity.’ AfternoonBookery

‘A refreshing read that felt so different to many of the novels I have encountered recently.’ Mrs Brown’s Books

‘Did not disappoint . . . A delightful story of friendships, hope and transformation.’ Boon’s Bookcase

‘This novel is joyous, uplifting, and life-affirming. It approaches some very serious topics with tact and shows the potential for growth and transformation that is inside all of us.’ Adventure & Anxiety

‘Provocative and inspiring – a heart-wrenching story that will stay with you for a long time.’ A Novel Thought

‘Positive and uplifting . . . providing an immense amount of hope to those who read it.’ Mama Mummy Mum

This is the kind of book that touches you, deeply, even changes something in you. Utterly brilliant.’ The Book Lover’s Boudoir

Thanks again everyone. It was an absolute pleasure to have you all on board.

Sunday 14 June 2020

Book five released

I’m delighted to report that my fifth novel has been released here in the UK.

How to Save a Life is available to buy right now in paperback, ebook and audiobook formats.

You can order a copy from Amazon, Waterstones, Foyles, Blackwell’s etc. or your local independent bookshop.

It’s been described by Imogen Clark, bestselling author of Where The Story Starts, as: ‘A heartwarming and thought-provoking story of grief, redemption and reinvention in our modern world.’

Here’s a taste of what it’s about:

When a stranger saves Luke’s life, he knows he’s been given a second chance. He’s going to make it count – and, determined to live each day to its fullest, he starts by saying yes to everything life has to offer.

Slowly but surely, Luke learns that a little bit of blue-sky thinking can go a long way, and things start to look up.

But when Luke’s new resolve is tested, will he return to his old ways? Or can one fateful moment truly save a life?

Monday 11 May 2020

Early reviews

My new novel might not be released until 11 June, but it's already getting some great reviews from early readers on NetGalley. 

Below are a few of my favourite comments so far.

How to Save a Life is available to pre-order NOW.

Highs and lows

Friday 1 May 2020

Discount deal

I’ve just learned that my 2019 bestseller My Sister’s Lies is currently on offer in the Amazon UK Kindle store for just 99p.

It’s part of a May Madness promotion, which also includes lots of other great novels, so definitely well worth having a browse.

Here’s the direct link:

Monday 27 April 2020

June online event


New look for older books

My first two books have each had a cover redesign. Here they are alongside my new novel, How to Save a Life, which is released in the UK on 11 June.

What do you think? Hope you like the fresh look as much as I do. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my Facebook page or Twitter account.

Friday 21 February 2020

Cover reveal

Happy Friday! I’ve got a special treat for you this afternoon ahead of the UK release of my fifth novel, How to Save a Life, on 11 June.

I’m delighted to reveal the cover for the first time, which I hope you’ll agree looks fantastic. A great job, as usual, by the hardworking folk at my publisher, Avon HarperCollins.

Do let me know what you think of it on Twitter or Facebook.

I’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all the latest news in the run-up to publication. 

In the meantime, to make sure you can read it straight away on release day, you can pre-order your copy by clicking HERE

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