Wednesday 22 November 2017

Cover reveal

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby present the cover of my third novel, Stand By Me.

It’s a fresh, different look from my last two books and, I must say, I’m delighted with it.

Thanks to all the lovely folk at my publisher, Avon HarperCollins, for coming up with such a fantastic, eye-catching design.

You can pre-order by clicking HERE.

Now roll on 11 January when you’ll all be able to get your hands on a copy...

Saturday 18 November 2017

New novel

Stand by, folks. 

It’s almost time to say hello to my latest book, which will be released in January, as you can see from the teaser picture above.

I’m really excited about this one, which will be my third published novel.

Stand By Me is a whole new story, with a fresh set of characters that I hope you love as much as I do.

However, I can tell you that there’s a special guest appearance from someone you’ve already met in Time to Say Goodbye. 

I saw the opportunity to revisit this particular character and just couldn’t resist having a little catch-up with them.

I can’t wait for you all to read it.

Watch this space for more information as we get closer to release date.

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