Tuesday 24 November 2015

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I visited the central London offices of my publisher, Avon HarperCollins, yesterday to chat to the team about the run up to publication.

They’re based in The News Building, a fantastic 17-storey block next to iconic skyscraper The Shard, so it’s always a treat to call in and admire the amazing views.

I’m pictured with Avon editor Kate Ellis (left) and Pat Lomax, my literary agent, at the impressive book wall in the HarperCollins offices.
It was wonderful to see how enthusiastic they all are about Time to Say Goodbye and how many great ideas they have about spreading the word once my debut novel is on sale. 

There are just over 11 weeks to go now and my levels of excitement are through the roof. I’ve waited a long time for this. So many people have been kind enough to show an interest. I’m craving for everyone to be able to read it at last.

It makes me think of my main character, Will. He dies right at the start of the book and is bemused to find himself watching paramedics fighting in vain to revive his lifeless body. He has so much to say to people – especially Ella, his six-year-old daughter – but no one can see or hear him. Having to look on as his family grieves is incredibly frustrating and heartbreaking. 

Obviously my situation is nothing compared to that. But I’ve got a story to tell and I’m desperate to get it out there.

Patience is a virtue, so they say . . .

Anyway, that’s where things are up to at the moment. Watch this space for further updates as we creep ever closer to the big day, Thursday 11 February 2016.

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