Tuesday 20 June 2017

Get it while it's hot

Enjoying the summer?

Well here’s a hot offer for you.

The ebooks of both my novels are now on sale for just 99p* in the KoboKindle and iTunes stores.

Yes, that’s right: you can buy my entire works (so far) for less than £2. That’s cheaper than a glass of wine and, unless you’re an incredibly fast reader or an exceptionally slow drinker, each of these books will last you much longer.

Award-winning author Stewart Foster described Time to Say Goodbye as ‘a very beautiful book about death and its effect on the family.’ He added: ‘It’s sad and extremely moving, yet somehow allows you to laugh at the same time.’ 

Meanwhile, The Sun newspaper gave If Ever I Fall a five-star review, describing it as ‘a heartbreaking tale of love, grief and devotion’. And Sunday Times bestseller Miranda Dickinson found it ‘exceptionally beautiful, emotionally charged and inspirational’.

So what are you waiting for?

In other news, if you’ve already read my first two books and are wondering what’s coming next, I’m currently in the editing stages of my third novel. It has the working title A Friend in the Dark and is due for release in January 2018, so not too long to wait.

*Price correct at the time of writing – but it won’t be for long, so best get in there while you can. 

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